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You have reached the home for all things Freemasonry! On the Level with Fred & Chris is a masonic podcast dedicated to in depth discussion and exploration of all things Freemasonry. Fred & Chris are very active Masons located in Sarasota Florida that love to talk about the craft of Freemasonry. 

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Thank you for the genuine content. It's good to hear that no matter where you are the Masonic world issues are much the same.I feel like I'm sharing the table with you guys as I'm listening. Listening to episode 006 right now, actually, I feel engaged by it. Its lively banter that doesn't feel scripted, and doesn't feel fake. I LIKE it!

Bro. Sam Uel Plainfield, Indiana


Brothers, your show is INCREDIBLE. I was just raised in December and found your show a week ago. I’ve listened to all the EA & FC shows and I’ve learned quite a bit from y’all. Your show has caused me to revisit many things I overlooked. Thanks for what you’re doing for the Craft and for brothers around the globe.I listen in the gym and during commutes. Great show!!

Kali Doug South Texas Kali

Bro. Darren Cluney

This show has given me the opportunity to see that no matter where we are in the Masonic world we all share the same Bond and the same troubles.Thank you and keep up the excellent excellent work!

Bro. Darren Cluney Brother

Jesse Brenon

Having recently been Raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason, I enjoy your content and perspective! 10/10! I would/will recommend!

Jesse Brenon Brother

Bro. Kevin Oatman

So grateful to have the opportunity to listen to these wonderful podcasts. I believe these could be instrumental in how we approach various situations in & outside the Lodge, as well as in our daily lives. Through these discussions, ideas & topics are brought to the forefront, in ways many don't realize are occuring. "Thinking outside the box" & seeing different perspectives from those outside their own lodges, creates a feeling of renewal synergism, because one can see that Masonry, in itself, is open to new ideas & welcomes the passion, we all have within ourselves. I'm excited & looking forward to upcoming podcasts & what they have to offer. I will take advantage of them, by using them as one of my resources for my continuing Journey. Thank you Chris & Fred, Keep up the Great Work! -Kevin #31

Bro. Kevin Oatman Manatee Lodge No. 31

Jeff Reed

hank you Brother Jeff for taking the time to leave this review. Looking forward to talking to you on air in the very near future!

Jeff Reed Sarasota Lodge No. 147

M. C.

It’s like being a fly on the wall listening in on two “above average” Joe’s having a great conversation about Freemasonry, so informative and inspiring, love it!

M. C. Florida

Bro. Wade Botkins

If you’re looking to to know more about Freemasonry, and what it’s like to be in the brotherhood, then you’ve come to the right podcast. Enjoy.

Bro. Wade Botkins Sarasota Lodge No. 147


I am a MM and subscriber to your excellent podcast that I discovered in the last few days. I must say it is absolutely terrific and I feel it is landed in my lap at a very opportunist point. I am holding the position of Chaplain at Morden Lodge No. 5722 in the Province of Northumberland here in England, UK. We meet in the North East in the city of Newcastle.

Dave Lloyd Chaplain Morden Lodge No. 5722

Joel H. Sparnon

Really enjoy the pod cast, you guys are giving us good things to think about.Keep up the good work, if you feel like traveling would love to see you guys at DeSoto 105 in Riverview FL

Joel H. Sparnon DeSoto 105 in Riverview FL

Shane Payne

When listening to you talk on the pod cast it’s almost like I am listening to myself. I have the same passion for keeping Freemasonry alive and moving forward as you do and refuse to let Masonry continue to decline on my watch. With that said I would absolutely love to use your model in our lodge.Thank you for starting this Masonic movement. With the numbers you are pulling in down in Florida I truly believe this could be a turning point for our fraternity.

Shane Payne Tennessee

Jared D. Valdez

Greetings from Pennsylvania! Wanted to drop a note to say that I am loving the podcast. Excellent choice in topics and the production/audio quality is really dialed in now. You guys have been my workout companions this week. You two make a good team!I really appreciated the podcast you did that touched on marketing and outreach. Would love to see you go deeper on that topic in the future and perhaps on ideas for social events, both inside and outside the lodge.Keep up the good work!

Jared D. Valdez Pennsylvania

R:. W:. Thomas Haber

Great discussions by 2 men who are passionate about Masonry and life. I highly recommend you listen and see for yourself.

R:. W:. Thomas Haber Florida

R:. W:. Douglass Dobbs

I really enjoy listening to the podcast. It gets me thinking. You guys are on the right path I think.

R:. W:. Douglass Dobbs Florida


I have so enjoyed your two episodes on the EA degree. The timing was perfect, too, as we had just initiated a man as an Entered Apprentice when the first episode was released.

Bro. Tyler Curtis Kansas

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